Russia and Central Europe

Entrepreneurship has many different connotations in Central Europe as a result of the policies of Communism and recently formed Governments. Changing and promoting an entrepreneurial culture holds several challenges. Our Entrepreneur Envoys from the region will need support and guidance from other Envoys across the world to make a significant difference, but they also have a unique set of experiences to share.

Without doubt, the Russian economy, particularly, is on a high growth curve, so there is no doubt an entrepreneurial spirit exists. Russia and Central Europe has faced many recent challenges not only to its entrepreneurial culture, but to its social and economic culture also. Entrepreneurship filled large gaps in the former Soviet economy, particularly in retail, trade and services, with the entrepreneurial spirit expanding more slowly into other sectors of society.

The many barriers facing entrepreneurs in this region slow down the development of entrepreneurial activities in the economy. Barriers such as the process of registering a business, bureaucracy, taxation and corruption, all require change and this is where our Envoys can make a difference.

The region had an economic discrimination against women after the start of economic reforms in Russia, but recently many women have succeeded in becoming micro-entrepreneurs. Unemployment among women also increased at a much higher rate than among men, and this forced women to turn to entrepreneurship. However, due to significant barriers, the number of business entrepreneurs has decreased dramatically over the last several years. We need to make change happen to ensure that all human capital is valued and to ensure that sustainability becomes a mainstream consideration.

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