Middle East

Valuing human capital is a paramount objective of Global Entrepreneur Envoys, so high unemployment figures are distressing. In the Middle East unemployment ranges from 20-40 per cent among young people aged 15 to 24 years. In Egypt, the unemployment rate has reached 83 per cent in approximately the same age range. Saudi Arabia has over half its population under age 20 and unemployment at 40 per cent. Many young Saudi people go directly from school to welfare without any prospect of securing work.

Entrepreneurship is the catalyst for change: needed to create opportunities, products, services and jobs. Unfettered entrepreneurial activity will expand economies, provide employment and improve the lives of entire communities. But to achieve this will require Entrepreneur Envoys to support policy makers to promote entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship support mechanisms, mentorship, capital access, R&D funding and the elimination of barriers to turning Ideas into Action.

Budding entrepreneurs need tools and facilities to develop and share ideas in classrooms, coffee shops, communities and the corridors of power. Support is needed from peers, mentors, role models and Envoys to stimulate innovation and creativity. Openness, sharing and partnerships will speed up the process of change.

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