Research is highlighting that Australians are the most entrepreneurial people in the developed world, with 20 per cent planning or running their own business. Many Entrepreneurs turn their Ideas into Action to have independence, and studies have shown that Australians value independence above income when it comes to their working life. These findings are part of the world’s largest study of entrepreneurship and business ownership, coordinated by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM).

Australasia has experienced extraordinary change in the last decade: globalisation, the emergence of the digital economy and a global financial crisis. But the entrepreneurial spirit and the positive mind-set has allowed the population to adapt and embrace change. Passion, determination, instinct and vision have been embraced ensuring a culture to support entrepreneurship in all its dimensions remains.

The entrepreneurial environment is of particular interest in the social and environmental context in Australasia. The dynamics of change need to be part of an entrepreneur’s daily habitat. The process can be chaotic, unpredictable and dependent on external forces which cannot be controlled. The entrepreneur’s ability to harness this change to their advantage is an essential element to success. These characteristics and best practice case studies and role models can inspire others to be entrepreneurial in their communities, wherever they are located in the world.

A special case, and a prime example to be shared, is that of the Aboriginal Indigenous Australasian entrepreneurs: their respect and value of nature and life is a fundamental principle of their entrepreneurial spirit. One that we could all learn from

We are looking forward to sharing the entrepreneurial culture from Australasia with our global Entrepreneur Envoys so they can transfer the ‘passion’ with others for growth and sustainability across the planet.

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