Youth 18-35

The ILO (International Labour Organisation) estimates that some 88million young people throughout the world are unemployed, accounting for 47% of the 186million unemployed persons globally. It is essential that programmes are designed to promote awareness among young people (aged 18 to 35 years) of the opportunities and rewards of entrepreneurship in all of its forms.

Youth entrepreneurship brings great assets to society and must be recognised – it creates employment or activity ensuring to keep youth out of trouble and establishes the opportunity for a better future through skills development, learning by doing, experience and increased opportunity.

Many policy makers have spoken on the importance of youth entrepreneurship, but there is still a lack of provision and concrete opportunities beyond business schools – for those who can afford it or have the facility available to them. Most youth focused entrepreneurial organisations only educate on the business planning stage or profit focused portion of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneur Envoys can contribute to change through supporting projects and communities in all forms of youth entrepreneurship with resources, knowledge and mentoring – the Skills Bank will create a great mechanism to facilitate this. Our objectives are based on the premise that if we help youth today, so they will be able to help you and others tomorrow – and the sustainable cycle will continue.

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