Entrepreneurship is about wealth creation which will support development. There is a need to find new ways of sustainable entrepreneurship as a key driver for growth. It should include searching for new ideas and gathering a momentum which will build confidence, credibility and continued growth for the future.

The wealth will support investment in education, jobs, skills, productivity, health and social conditions where entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation are fundamental instruments to progress society. Entrepreneurship is a vehicle of innovation, investment and change and as such has an indispensable role to play to solve problems and build on new ideas.

A large body of research, theoretical, empirical and practical business experience have established a clear connection between entrepreneurship and growth. Business Associations, Trade Union Confederations, International development agencies, World Bank, ILO, OECD and NGOs support the promotion of entrepreneurship as a key tool to growth, development, poverty elevation and social inclusion.

The experience of our Envoys, coupled with the ability to interact with one another through the Skills Bank, has created a platform to generate more ideas that will result in more actions. Together, we have the capability to progress the economic success of regions, countries and continents much faster than the world’s economists are predicting.

Has your entrepreneurship contributed to development opportunities – social, community, health, jobs? If so, please share your success with us – and if we can, we’ll publicise your efforts.

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