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Turn ideas into action

If you are looking to see what you can take from this portal, it may not be for you. But if you are looking to see what you can contribute to sustainable entrepreneurship, then we value your contribution however small


You can:


Want to Make a Difference?

Why you should become an Envoy.

We believe that through communication, commitment and conscience we can create a community which speaks with one voice.

Our community will share, inspire, mentor, support and celebrate. It will have the power to influence and transform relevant policy for the good of all entrepreneurs across the globe.

If you are willing to contribute, happy to share, want to create a fairer society, and want to create and share wealth, then you've come to the right place.

And of course, if we have forgotten anything, you can always contact us. We are a community, a team, a social enterprise and you are part of it.

Together we will turn more Ideas into Action

Our Pledge

  • To inform policy makers and governments
  • To recognise your successes
  • To make culture change happen

Your Pledge

  • To engage and share as much as possible
  • To make change happen through support
  • To commit to promoting entrepreneurship


It is not free to join, but very little worth having is ever free! Yet it won't break the bank either at just €10 individual/NGO/school, €100 Organisations with €1 from every member going directly to support sustainable projects, you'll find it good value for money.